We are proud to offer our clients advanced in-house diagnostics, meaning we typically get crucial information back within 10-15 minutes.

We have the latest technology in use at our hospital, including Digital Radiography (X-Ray) and state of the art blood analysis machines (pictured). We also perform cytology and parasite screenings in house.  

Wellness Panels

We offer rountine bloodwork at your pet's  annual visit at a discounted rate. This gives us a more detailed picture of your pet's health by looking closely at the function of major internal organs like the liver and kidneys. The test results also tell us about your pet's red and white blood cells and screens for different types of cancer, as well as diabetes and many other diseases. It also includes a heartworm test for dogs or a thyroid test for cats.

" I stongly recommend the Wellness Panel for any senior pet, cat or dog, with a history of illness, and for any pet owner who wants to provide the best medical treatment for their furry companion."

                       -Dr. Chad Malpass